History of Edmonton West

The Edmonton West Conservative Association was formed on November 30, 2013 after the most recent federal distribution process in 2013.

Our new riding took in Edmonton Spruce Grove and Edmonton Centre ridings and became the Edmonton West Conservative Association. In 2015, our focus was electing our nominated candidate, Kelly McCauley as our first Conservative Member of Parliament for Edmonton West.

After achieving this goal of sending Kelly McCauley to Parliament, we’ve been supporting him and the riding throughout the past year.

Objectives of our Association

Our Association is guided by the following objectives as per our Constitution.

Supporting and promoting the principles, objectives and policies of the Party and maintaining an effective Association for that purpose;

  • Providing organizational and financial support to the Party’s Member of Parliament, Kelly McCauley, in Edmonton West, in accordance with Article 14.3 of the Party Constitution;

  • Raising money and maintaining a fund to support the Association and assist candidates;

  • Actively identifying potential supporters and recruiting new members;

  • Encouraging the participation and recruitment of youth; and,

  • Facilitating, supporting and maintaining an ongoing policy discussion within the Party.